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#26: Larry Crane: The Musician, Engineer, Producer, Studio Owner behind Tape Op

When it comes to microphones, monitors, outboard gear and consoles no two studios are exactly alike but you’ll find that the one thing that they all have in common is the latest edition of TapeOp magazine – a magazine that owes its existence to its creator and editor Larry Crane. Larry runs his recording studio, Jackpot, produces and engineers records and still somehow finds time to crank out a magazine that we all read from cover to cover.

#25: "Shure Sounds Great" with Michael Pettersen

Michael Pettersen sits down with John and Stewart to talk about the history of Shure. Michael Pettersen is the Director of Corporate History at Shure Incorporated. Employed there since 1976, he is a contributing author to the 1,550 page reference tome "Handbook for Sound Engineers" as well as the sole author of numerous pro audio technical papers.