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Gear Club Podcast
A podcast about the art & science of music recording.

A podcast about the art & science of recording


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#37: Chuck Zwicky on Everything Audio

This week John and Stewart talk with Chuck Zwicky about quite literally, “everything audio”. Chuck has been described as equal part audio expert and scientist. He’s built studios, designed plug-ins and recorded, mixed and mastered hit records with credits including Prince, The Rembrandts, Reggie Watts, Soul Asylum, Nine Inch Nails, the Jonas Brothers and many more.

#36: George Massenburg: A Peerless Legend

In this episode, our hosts are honored to be joined by four time Grammy-award winning George Massenburg. An inventor, recording engineer, producer, studio designer, product developer, professor and a Lifetime Achievement honoree, George is quite the legend.

#35: Drive-By Podcast with Patterson Hood

This week John and Stewart are joined by singer/songwriter and co-founder of Drive-By Truckers, Patterson Hood. Through osmosis and a deep love of music, Patterson became an artist to be reckoned with in his own right.

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