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The art and science of recording. 


#11: Chris Shaw, Live from SXSW

This week, John and Stewart continue the SXSW series with Chris Shaw — A four-time Grammy winning producer, engineer, mixer, and musician. Artists who have worked with Chris include Bob Dylan, Public Enemy, Weezer and many more. Read more

#10: Vance Powell, Live from SXSW Podcast Festival

Vance Powell has been in the center of the Nashville music scene for decades. The four-time Grammy winning engineer, mixer, and producer, has worked with everyone from Tammy Wynette, to Jack White, to Chris Stapleton. Hear about the making of "Tennessee Whiskey" and how a minor mistake made it's way to a multi-platinum hit. Read more


Meet The Hosts

Join John and Stewart, two audio engineer/producers with over 25 years in the industry, as they take you along on their sonic journey. Every episode features an interview with a legendary engineer, artist, inventor, or producer. They also deconstruct a recording that inspired them, discuss their favorite piece of audio gear, and offer recording tips and techniques. 

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