Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Richard Factor

This week, John and Stewart are joined by prolific inventor, visionary and founder of Eventide, Richard Factor.  Part one of the interview features Richard’s formative years - from his pre-teen experiments in ham radio, which interfered with the neighbor’s TV reception to his ‘phone freak’ adventure that earned him a free ride ‘downtown’ to an inspirational meeting with Bob Moog (before for he was ‘Bob Moog’), and on to his first job in the ‘60s as NYC top forty radio station WABC’s “Evil Ox”.

You'll also hear about how Eventide got its name and the development of revolutionary studio products like the Instant Phaser, the Omnipressor® and the early Digital Delay lines.

Read Richard’s blog entry about his Beatles close encounter here: http://www.priups.com/riklblog/aug15/150815-a-missing-memorabile.htm

For sound clips of the Heen and Hern here: http://www.priups.com/riklblog/mar10/100323-heen-hern.htm

To learn more about Eventide their innovative products, check out eventideaudio.com


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