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Gear Club Podcast
A podcast about the art & science of music recording.

A Podcast about the

Art & Science of Recording


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#32: Jack Douglas, A Danger to Audio (Live from AES)

This week, John and Stewart chat with Jack Douglas in a live episode recorded at AES. Jack is a Grammy winning engineer who's worked with John Lennon, Aerosmith, Miles Davis, Alice Cooper and many more.  Learn more

#31: Making Music, Records & Gear w/Geoff Daking

Welcome to another Gear Club episode from AES NY. Our guest is an old friend of John and Stewart, the great Geoff Daking. From playing drums in the Blues Magoos to engineering and running Messina Sound to developing gear and making the amazing line of Daking Audio gear, Geoff has done it all. Learn More

Meet The Hosts


John Agnello and Stewart Lerman are two audio engineer / producers with over 25 years in the industry. Every episode takes you on a sonic journey with interviews that feature legendary producers, engineers, artists, or inventors. They also deconstruct a recording that inspired them, discuss their favorite piece of audio gear, and offer recording tips and techniques. 

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