#9: Live from SXSW with Suzanne Ciani - Electronic Music Pioneer

John and Stewart had the pleasure of meeting the influential electronic music composer & pianist, Suzanne Ciani. A five-time Grammy award nominated artist, Suzanne’s work has been featured in commercials, movies and video games. The documentary, A Life in Waves, based on Suzanne’s life premiered at this year’s SXSW. She also performed at the festival as part of Moogfest.

A pioneer in electronic music, Suzanne is an avid user of Eventide gear. From their early products like the H910 Harmonizer, the H949 and the Band Delays effect found in the SP2016. Today she performs with 2 H9 Harmonizer stompboxes.

Fun fact, Did you know that the "pop fizz" sound from Coca Cola commercials was created by Suzanne?

Visit Suzanne Ciani's Website http://sevwave.com/ for tour dates and performances. 

Check out the Fluid Technology & Wave's blog about Suzanne.


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