#30: From Hell's Kitchen to LA with Rod O’Brien


In this episode we continue with our AES series and are delighted to have another Record Plant alum, Rod O’Brien with us. Rod grew up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen back when that name meant something. Starting hired on as a ‘general’ at Record Plant, Rod was teamed with Jack Douglas working on legendary records by the likes of John & Yoko, Aerosmith, The New York Dolls, Cheap Trick and many more. Today, Rod works in LA as lead sound designer for film and TV including shows like Eastbound & Down and Grace & Frankie. Listen in as Rod tells tales of making great records and his transition to audio post production. Rod’s first meeting with John Lennon is certainly worth a listen but more than  that you’ll also learn about Jay Messina’s crabs, the Wilhelm scream and the fishcrow.


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