#39: Down the Rabbit Hole with Josh Cheuse - Part 1

Josh Cheuse in Front of Van Gelder studio 2018

Josh Cheuse in Front of Van Gelder studio 2018

At 16 years old Josh Cheuse was attending high school in New York and reads that The Clash are in NY at Electric Lady Studios.  So, being the “cheeky little chappy” that he was, he phones the studio, talks to the band’s manager, Kosmo Vinyl, and says he wants to come down and take some photos. It works and down the rabbit hole he goes.

Josh (aka “Funky Ishmael”) has played a key role as a photographer, creative director, tour manager, rapper and collaborator at the heart of the punk and rap scene in NY and London spending his days in the studio and on the road with iconic bands like The Clash, The Beastie Boys, RUNDMC, Big Audio Dynamite.

Josh went on to become an art director at Sony Music for 20 years. Today Josh is Creative Director of the Verve Label Group working on projects for jazz and pop artists across the musical spectrum.

Join us as Josh takes our hosts on a wild ride down this very special and personal journey.